Colorado Springs-Evidence

Colorado Springs prosecutors say the murder weapon in a 1999 killing is missing from evidence storage.

That's despite Colorado Springs Police Chief Luis Velez's original assurance that murder cases weren't affected by 19 months of improper evidence disposal.

Fourth Judicial District Attorney's Office spokeswoman Elizabeth Kirkman says the gun used in the slaying of Remmon Brown was among more than eleven-thousand pieces of evidence that Velez recently said were improperly destroyed, auctioned off or returned to owners.

Jurors convicted Derrick Turner and Kevin Richard Herrera of charges in connection with the drive-by shooting.

The convictions have been appealed, but a ruling hasn't been issued.

Kirkman says that if the case is retried, the judge would have to deal with the issue of the missing weapon.

Velez said late last month that evidence technicians mistakenly disposed of eleven-thousand-395 pieces of evidence in more than 41-hundred cases dating back ten years.