Life After Captivity

Shoshana Johnson never thought life after the army would be the life she's living. From time to time, it's a life in the spotlight.

"It's very intimidating. All these eyes on you, waiting for your response," Johnson said.

When she's not busy raising a daughter she's speaking to sold out crowds. And that warms her heart.

"Just to see people who supported me through the whole experience, that were there for my family, sending them cards and letters. Saying thank you for all they've done."

The experience she means is life as a prisoner of war. An ambush by Iraqi forces left her wounded in both ankles and a captive with five other soldiers including Jessica Lynch for 22 days.

Even after her rescue, the fear she felt still haunts her.

"Every day is a struggle," she said.

When she hits the podium these days, her message is to tell the soldier's story of sacrifice and encourage the public at home.

"Go out and vote, let your voice be heard,” said Johnson. “The military is out there protecting that right, the least you could do is practice it."

Shoshana is also back in school. She was a cook in the army, and now is learning to be a chef.