Doomsday Scenario At NORTHCOM

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If a terrorist attack, the bird flu and a hurricane all struck at once, would America be ready? That's exactly what US Northern Command is putting to the test in a 2 week intensive training exercise.

It’s happening at NORTHCOM headquarters based right here in Colorado Springs, but there are events happening all over the country and in Canada. KKTV 11 News went behind the scenes for an unprecedented look at the dangers our nation faces in a worst case scenario.

During this exercise, NORTHCOM faces a worst case scenario.
--The first confirmed human death from the bird flu is confirmed in the U.S.
--Category three Hurricane Xena strikes the Gulf Coast, forcing 2 levees to break and flooding New Orleans with 10 feet of water.
--Two terrorist bombs explode near Detroit killing nearly 13,000 people and injuring tens of thousands
--At the same time, Pneumonic Plague has hit Mexico. The death toll is almost 8,000, including a handful of Americans. The struggle now is to keep the plague from spreading into the U.S. If it all really happened at once, NORTHCOM could be pushed to a breaking point. "To ensure you're able to respond to multiple simultaneous events," Exercise Coordinator Gene Pino said.

NORTHCOM Commander, Admiral Timothy Keating meets with his senior staff to discuss this make-believe doomsday and just how they're going to deal with it. "It's not just details, it's humans," ADM Keating said. But this mayhem isn't over yet. "What could possibly happen next is about to happen," Pino said.

Wednesday night on 11 news at 10, we'll show you just how NORTHCOM reacted. And we asked the top commander, is America really ready?