Teller County Fire

Fire crews are keeping a close eye on a fire that started in Teller County Monday afternoon. More than 80 acres have burned in an isolated area between Cripple Creek and Victor.

It's on the opposite side of a ridge that runs south of highway 67 as the road makes its way to Victor.

It's burned trees and grass on land owned by the Bureau of Land Management and two mines in the area. Crews from seven local volunteer stations have been working the fire on foot, hiking in and getting some help from Monument's Helitack chopper, dumping buckets of water from the sky.

As it is with much of southern Colorado, it's very dry in Teller County, which makes fire crews worry about the season ahead.

"The forest service says our humidity is down, our light fuels are dry, and without enough precipitation we're looking at the same size fire season as we had in 2002," said Lt. Mike Badiarz with the Divide Volunteer Fire Department.

A small crew will be working the fire this morning, and they expect more warm and dry conditions through the day.