Boulder Cougar

State wildlife officials say a mountain lion captured after wandering into a Boulder neighborhood and killing a pet cat yesterday will likely go to a rehabilitation facility and be released back into the wild.

Division of Wildlife district manager John Koehler says he shot the 45-pound cougar with a tranquilizer early yesterday afternoon about five hours after it was first spotted.

Resident Tom Engelbach says the cougar killed his 16-year-old pet cat Mungent, but he says he recognizes that it's one of the risks that comes with living near the foothills.

Koehler says the area is good lion habitat, with lots of deer in the area.

He says it's possible the young cougar was driven into the area because it was small and pushed out of better hunting grounds by older lions.

Last month, an adult mountain lion attacked a seven-year-old boy who was hiking with his family on Flagstaff Mountain just outside Boulder.

The boy suffered a broken jaw after his family fought the lion off with sticks and rocks, but he's expected to make a full recovery.