Sending Troops to U.S./Mexico Border

A White House official is confirming reports president bush will call for National Guard troops to guard the U.S. Mexico border.

Sending troops to watch the Mexico border's been predicted for days and now it’s causing a stir at all levels.

In Colorado there are more than three thousand National Guard troops available, but commanders worry about the time requirements of the mission.

"About 75 percent of our force consists of those who have a full time job somewhere else and they do this as a part time job,” said Major General Mason Whitney of the Colorado National Guard. “That doesn't make them any less professional, but what it does mean is, we have to be careful with the time we ask of them."

Colorado springs mayor Lionel Rivera is back from a recent visit to the border where he says a list of things are needed to strengthen security, first and foremost, more trained border patrol agents.

"If we're going to put national guard troops down there, I would assume that would be somewhat of a temporary fix, if we can get more trained personnel down there. I'm assuming the National Guard folks will have to have some training on handling border operations too, so I think it's going to help," said Rivera.

There is no specific number of troops the president will use, but it will be less than a Pentagon estimate of 10,000.