Double Shooting in Springs

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Police are investigating a double shooting that happened early Sunday morning on the S.E. corner of Pikes Peak and Academy. According to police, the shooting happened at the strip mall parking lot near the Alumni Lounge. Investigators say the shooter fired at two men while they were inside a car. According to Alumni owner George Spotts, the car then rolled in front of his bar and someone from the car went inside for help.
"We made the phone call for them to alert the police," said Spotts. "No one inside the bar even knew what was going on."
Minutes later an ambulance arrived, taking both men to Memorial Hospital. Bar security kept everyone inside and no cars left the parking lot until police left the scene. Police say they're looking for at least one suspect though they're not releasing a description at this time. The hospital isn't releasing any new information on the victims, though at last report one was in critical and the other in stable condition.