28 Years Since Missing Boy's Disappearance

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July 6, 2014 It’s been almost three decades since a baby went missing from his home in Colorado Springs. The family says they are determined to get his case solved.

This month marks 28 years since Christopher Abeyta was last seen. On Sunday, the family held what they call a justice walk.

With posters in hand, dozens marched down the street in Colorado Springs, from the Springs Police Headquarters to the District Attorney's office. They say they want justice for Christopher Abeyta. He was just seven months old when he disappeared.

“Someone came into our house and snatched him from his crib. And he was gone. We've never seen him since,” explained Christopher’s sister, Denise Alves.

Christopher’s crib was just feet away from where his parents were sleeping.

“It was indescribable. I lost 20 pounds in three weeks. You stop eating,” said Christopher’s mother, Bernice Abeyta.

“We're hopeful that a grand jury investigation will take place. We're going to continue to work towards that goal,” said Alves.

The Abeytas are pleading with the community to help them find answers in Christopher's disappearance. “Even if it was very minute and they didn't think it was important. Even today after 28 years it might be just the little piece of puzzle that fits in."

The family has been vocal about naming a woman as a suspect in the case. But police have never named a suspect. The Abeytas collected nearly 25,000 signatures for a petition. They took that to the El Paso County District Attorney's office in hopes of getting a grand jury on this case.