Coloradans in the Line of Fire

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A Grand Junction soldier is back in the United States after suffering an apparent heat stroke last week in Iraq.

Chad Reiber, age 22, had to be carried from the battlefield by fellow soldiers last Monday near An Nasiriyah. He's recovering at a military hospital in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Reiber was doing reconnaissance near An Nasiriyah when Iraqi forces attacked. He collapsed while retreating to a safer position. Colleagues resuscitated Reiber and carried him to a helicopter.

Reiber is with the 75th Ranger regiment based with the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg. Reiber's father says his son told him he would have been captured or killed if his fellow soldiers hadn't rescued him.

A Colorado Marine from Brighton who was injured in an ambush in Iraq says his foot is healing and he will be returning to his unit.

Lance Corporal Jordan Fitzgerald, age 19, appeared Monday morning on The Early Show on CBS.

He was hurt while fighting near the Iraqi city of An Nasiriyah last week. Fitzgerald says three people in civilian clothes were shooting at him when a grenade exploded and threw him about three feet forward.

His company was trying to take control of a bridge on a highway that goes through the city and north to Baghdad.

At least nine Marines were killed in an attack near An Nasiriyah. Two of those Marines had Colorado connections. Fitzgerald says “something of a higher power” helped him survive.