City Elections Tuesday

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By Tuesday night, Colorado Springs will have a new mayor-elect. Seven candidates are in the running. Voters are also deciding three council member races.

With this election being the first "mail-in only" election for Colorado Springs, many people still have questions about how to vote if they didn't mail in their ballot.

One reminder, this is a city election only. If you're not a resident of Colorado Springs, you don't vote in this election.

Probably the most common question at the city clerk's office is why someone can't drop off a spouse's ballot along with your own. Deputy City Clerk Cindy Conway has an answer for that: "State law prohibits you from dropping off any ballot other than the eligible elector."

Because of that law, you'll see signs saying "one ballot per person, your own," at the ballot drop-off sites. This law dates back to the 1970s, when mail-in ballots first came into play in Colorado.

The City Clerk's office has been a busy place for the past few weeks. As of noon Monday, more than 74,000 people had voted, and the clerk's office sent out 142,000 mail-in ballots.

On Tuesday, you can drop off your ballot, in person, at three locations from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

  • City Clerk's Office downtown at 30 S. Nevada, Suite 101
  • Falcon Police Substation at 7850 Goddard
  • Sand Creek Police Substation at 4125 Center Park Dr.

If you did not get a ballot, or lost yours, you must go to the City Clerk's office to vote.

Tune in to KKTV 11 News for complete election results after the polls close on Tuesday, April 1.