Barbara Yaklich Death Suspicious

The 1977 death of Barbara Yaklich has been determined suspicious, but there is not enough evidence to rule it a homicide.

A special task force made up of law enforcement from across the front range made the announcement at a press conference this morning.

Barbara Yaklich was the first wife of Dennis Yaklich, a former Pueblo Police Department Detective. She died in 1977 of excessive internal bleeding caused by a laceration of her liver.

This new task force was put together to determine whether or not Barbara's husband Dennis abused his wife, causing the injury.
Both pathologists agreed that the most likely cause of death was homicide. However, because of a lack of evidence to support that theory, the task force has called the death suspicious, and will leave the case open.

Dennis Yaklich was murdered in 1985 by two men hired by his second wife Donna, who said she was abused and the called the killing self defense. Donna Yaklich was sentenced to 40 years in prison and is currently serving time in a halfway house. She is eligible for parole in July of this year.