Daughter Says Dad Stabbed Her

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A little girl shares her story about the day she was stabbed. Her testimony comes out in newly released police documents. She says it was her dad, Matthew Valverde, who stabbed her and her brother before he stabbed himself last Thursday.

Both the kids and the father survived.

According to police documents, the little girl says her dad quote "poked us, blood was everywhere." The daughter went on to say her dad stabbed her and her brother because he was mad because he loves her mother. The documents say the mother wanted out of the marriage, and had in fact, moved out of the house just days before the stabbing because of the ongoing domestic violence.

We talked to an abuse expert, Michelle Valdez from TESSA, not about this case, but in general terms. "We know from statistics a lot of times, the most dangerous for a woman is when she leaves the relationship." Valdez says in general, when there's violence, the kids will survive, but they could have deeper wounds to heal. "To have that experience, to love and to think of their dad as a role model, it can be very traumatic. They will need counselors to help them heal from the trauma, so this doesn't affect them for the rest of their lives."

Valverde should be released from the hospital very soon. He will immediately be taken to the jail. He faces two counts of attempted murder.

In court documents 11 News obtained, it shows Valverde has a history of domestic violence. The most recent incident was two months ago.