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Four U.S. troops were killed today in a suicide bombing attack the Pentagon is calling a terrorist attack. An Iraqi soldier posing as a taxi driver in need of help lured the Marines to him before blowing up the cab. Iraqi television reports say Saddam Hussein praised the attack. Iraq's Vice President promises more attacks of a similar nature.

Two more marines were killed in separate accidents in south central Iraq. One of them drowned after his Humvee rolled into a canal. Central Command says a Humvee hit the other Marine during a firefight Friday night.

Coalition missiles again targeted Baghdad. The missiles were aimed to destroy government buildings and what are believed to be underground bunkers.

Meanwhile, President Bush says Saddam Hussein controls only a small portion of Iraq. He said in his weekly radio address, coalition troops are closing in on "a dictator's dying regime."

The Pentagon says it is temporarily halting the launch of cruise missiles from the Red Sea. The decision comes after complaints that some of the missiles have landed in unpopulated parts of Saudi Arabia and Turkey.