Mayoral Campaign Spending

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On Tuesday, April 1st, Colorado Springs voters will select a new mayor.

The candidates are:

  • Tony Carpenter
  • MarieAnn Carter
  • Sallie Clark
  • Ted Eastburn
  • Ken Kretzschmar
  • Jim Null
  • Lionel Rivera

    So, how much money are the candidates spending to try to get your vote?
    KKTV looked at the seven candidates' financial reports to see how the competition stacks up in the political coffers.

    Four of the candidates, Clark, Eastburn, Null and Rivera, have spent money on television advertising. The other three have not. In fact, they haven't spent much money at all, in their mayoral campaigns.

    Records at the City Clerk's office show the following spending amounts:

  • Ken Kretzschmar: $0
  • Tony Carpenter: About $100 dollars
  • MarieAnn Carter: $207

    The spending of those four, stacks up like this:

  • Sallie Clark: $21,480
  • Jim Null: $33,630
  • Lionel Rivera: $45,280.
  • Ted Eastburn: $81,400.

    "I don't think money will matter as much in this election as it has in the past," says Colorado College political science professor Bob Loevy.

    He also says this election is different for spending, because voters aren't going to the polls all at once. In a traditional election, candidates would peak in their spending. "Candidates would save their money. They would spend it all in the last week, when most voters were making up their minds. But people have been voting over a period of 30 days here," says Loevy.

    He says Rivera and Null got off to a fast and early start in the campaigning with TV ads and billboards. Sallie Clark, on the other hand, has been emphasizing mail, direct mail. In some cases she mailed one flyer early in the campaign, the other late in the campaign thus trying to catch the early and the late vote.

    Loevy says Ted Eastburn may have a slight advantage with his money, but not as much with this mail-in election.

    Candidates have until 5 p.m. Friday to turn in the rest of their campaign contributions and spending reports to the City Clerk.