Blood Bank Prepared to Help Injured Soldiers

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Every day we see pictures of wounded American servicemen and women on television. Many need blood transfusions There is a possibility that donations from one local blood bank could go to help these injured soldiers.

If it ever comes to the point where wounded soldiers need more blood, the U.S. military will contact a few selected blood supply networks across the country. The Bonfils Blood Center in Pueblo is a part of that network. The organization is authorized to ship blood directly to the military, if needed.

"To take care of our own, we need to start donating blood, take care of our troops. We can do it by donating blood," says Sammie Baugh with Bonfils.

The Blood Center now keeps a six-day supply of blood on its shelves. To help the military. a 10-day supply is required. Bonfils collects 4,000 units of blood per week to support Colorado. In order to meet the needs of the military, they need to collect several times more units every week.

Bonfils wants to be prepared, in case the military calls. After 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombing and even the Columbine High School shootings, donors flooded to blood centers in Colorado because they wanted to help. But they really need blood all the time.

All blood that is donated must be tested for disease before it can be distributed. This process takes time. That's why it's important that donor don't wait for a crisis to give blood. As far as being patriotic, it's a good way to express it.

The Bonfils Blood Center in Pueblo is open from Tuesday to Saturday.
1715 S. Pueblo Blvd.
Donors can call ahead for an appointment or just drop in.