Woman & Her Boyfriend Accused of Killing Her Husband

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Three people are behind bars accused of brutally murdering a 37-year-old Salida man. James Durgan was found in the Arkansas River in July shot to death.

Durgan's estranged wife was arrested in Gunnison, her boyfriend was arrested in Salida and another man who was already behind bars for violating his probation.

They were all taken into custody on Thursday and all charged with first degree murder among a slew of other felony charges.

It's a tangled web that ended in the Fremont and Chaffee County area.

Authorities say it involved several people and a plot to kill.

37-Year-old James Durgan, the victim, has been dead for nearly 2-months. "Durgan was reported missing on July 11TH 2008," said Canon City Chief of Police Daniel Shull.

Police say 40-year-old Kristin Durgan, the victim's estranged wife, was the one who told police James had gone missing. Now she could face a lifetime in jail. "Murder in the first degree," said Chief Shull.

Kristin Durgan's boyfriend is 22-year-old Andrew Tanner. The third party is 29-year-old Brian Folsom. They all face first degree murder charges including kidnapping and conspiracy.

The Canon City Police Chief says there are others. "They know who they are and we will give them a short time to come forward," said Chief Shull.

Shull says they'll be charged with helping to cover up the slaying of James Durgan. "This was good old fashioned police work," said Chief Shull.

Durgan's body was found in the Arkansas River shortly after he went missing in July.

Police say James was on his way home from a business trip and stopped at the Holiday Inn Express in Canon City before returning home. Police say that was the last time anybody saw him alive.

Kristin and James Durgan have two children together. Both are with their grandparents.

The next court date for the suspects is scheduled for September 8TH.