Thieves Target COSMIX Sites

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A string of thefts at COSMIX construction sites have police stumped as to who could have stolen thousands of dollars worth of equipment. Police say since March, there have been 6 separate thefts on various COSMIX locations including those near North Nevada, Mark Dabbling Blvd. and Garden of the Gods. Police say thieves have taken items including metal I-beams and tools, as well as office supplies and laptop computers valued at a total of about 15,000 dollars.
"They broke into one of the construction trailers," said Det. Sgt. Dennis Dougan of the Colorado Springs Police Department. "Besides taking some of the computers, they spray painted the inside of the trailers."
Dougan says it's possible thieves may be after scrap metal to melt it down and sell. Police say they've received a description of one person seen taking an I-beam from a site. He's described as an older white man with a long white beard, driving a brown and silver 80's model pick-up truck. Police say most of the thefts have happened at night or on weekends. They say the public can play a part in stopping them by reporting any suspicious activity they see on construction sites.