Sexually Violent Predator in Colorado Springs

There are thousands of sex offenders living in Colorado Springs. And now, three known sexually violent predators live in the Pikes Peak region.

The most recent is 53 year old Anthony Pedraza. He lives at 231 Walnut Street in the West part of Colorado Springs.

Pedraza was convicted six years ago for sexually assaulting a 15 year old girl in aurora.

He's been living in Colorado Springs since last December. Due to his conviction, and a history of failing to register, he now falls under the criteria the state carries for sexually violent predators. He was given that distinction only 2 weeks ago ... And he'll have to keep that label for another 8 months.

“The difference between a sexual offender and a sexually violent predator under the law is dramatic,” said Police Chief Luis Velez. “Meeting for this kind of community notification [allows] everyone to understand who he is, where he’s living and any conditions he might be under.”

Police, as required by law, held a meeting Thursday night for people living in his area, providing his background and advice to stay safe.

Julie Mellinger, who lives three doors down from Pedraza said, “It really put my mind at ease to know all the things they do: how they monitor them. It will still always be in my mind when I see him crossing the sidewalk in my property, which I see him just about every day.”