Police Work to Curb Gang Activity

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Colorado Springs Police say gang activity is cyclical, and trying to determine when the cycle will begin and end is a tough job.

Sergeant Jim Rodgers says, "Their power base is weapons. Their money base is narcotics, and when you mix those two together, it does nothing but give you a volatile cocktail."

He adds, keeping ahead of the gang violence is what they try to do. Over the past several years, Springs Police has been working with other law enforcement agencies, both federal and local, to watch gang activity and curb it before it starts.

From January through March of 2006 alone, Colorado Springs Police have arrested 211 gang members on felony charges, 194 on misdemeanors. They've seized 126 guns from gang members and $67,000 worth of drugs, and $36,000 in drug money.

Rodgers says officers' efforts will make a difference over time. In the meantime, they continue to track around 500 known gang members and their associates.