Moussaoui Supermax Bound?

Life in prison for Zacharias Moussaoui means the 9-11 conspirator could be headed to the Supermax prison right here in southern Colorado.

Moussaoui's destination isn't 100 percent confirmed yet, but the Supermax staff could be looking for his arrival as soon as tomorrow or two months from now.

First comes a threat level assessment.

A federal law enforcement source says if Moussaoui is enough of a potential threat, he'll be on his way to Supermax.

Once there, prisoners go through receiving and discharge...they're fingerprinted and given and i-d card.

Moussaoui's property would be inventoried and he'd get prison clothing followed by medical and psychological screening.

Then, sources say it's off to a cell where he'd sit alone for all but one hour a day.

Sources say what happens next will be up to him... If he follows all procedures for a year he could be moved to another facility. If he causes problems, that year period starts all over again, which officials say is one of the reasons a number of inmates stay at Supermax for longer than a year.

There are some other notorious criminals locked up at Supermax ... Including convicted unibomber, Ted Kaczyinski.