Weight Loss Journey

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Inch by inch, David Olson is determined to lose 275 pounds. We first introduced you to the 44-year-old 2 months ago when he'd already lost 50. So far, after dieting for 99 days, David has lost 70 pounds. And he's doing it all the old-fashioned way through diet and exercise.

When David started losing weight more than three months ago, he tipped the scales at 574 pounds. “I'm averaging a pound a day," David said. But, learning how to eat right has been a struggle. "When my wife makes dinner for my family, it's stuff I’d really like to have and it's hard."

His wife, Kathryn said she’s proud that her husband is doing something to save his life. “He doesn't cheat as much as I thought he would. I’m surprised at the dedication he has," Kathryn said

David takes one day at a time and says his small accomplishments keep him motivated. "I used to have my family put my socks on and pull them off and I can put my own socks on now."

David hopes his story motivates others to do what he's doing. We'll keep weighing in with him every 8 weeks or so and keeping you posted on how he's doing.