Tsunami Fears Ease

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People in New Zealand and elsewhere are breathing a little easier, after a powerful quake prompted fears of a tsunami.

Police in New Zealand went briefly to high alert for a possible tsunami, but officials there and elsewhere now say there is little danger from today's quake beyond the island nation of Tonga. Authorities in New Zealand say the threat has passed now for most of that country's east coast.

The magnitude-eight quake, what the U-S Geological Service considers a "great" quake, rocked the sea floor near Tonga.

A police officer about 95 miles to the north of the epicenter called the quake "strong but not long" and he said his department hadn't heard about a tsunami warning.

A publisher in Tonga says it was the most powerful quake she's felt in 27 years. Mary Fonua says the "rocking and rolling" broke crockery in the kitchen and knocked books from shelves.

Power is also off in the capital.