Fireman Rescue Woman from Canyon

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A woman is recovering after falling 50 feet near Helen Hunt falls Tuesday afternoon. Firefighters brought in a high-angle rescue team and airlifted the victim to Penrose Hospital. According to firefighters, the women, who is in her 20's, was hiking on the top of the canyon near the falls, when her dog got away from her. She went down to rescue it, only to end up needing rescuing herself.
"The young lady fell over 50 feet through some rocks," said Lt. Carl Lyman of the Colorado Springs Fire Department. "Fortunately she stopped on the ledge, and that kept her from falling another 150 feet."
Crews say they've responded to more fatalities in that area than they care to remember. Lyman says while the terrain may look strong, it's extremely delicate.
"Up the canyon here we have decomposing granite, it's like ball bearings, it breaks apart when you're climbing it."
Just one reason crews say it's illegal to climb structures more than 10 feet tall in Colorado without the proper gear. Fireman say the woman's dog suffered only a small injury to its paw and is doing fine.