Polling Place Mix-Up

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Falcon Fire District is asking voters for a 7.5 million dollar tax increase. But County Commissioner Douglas Bruce claims the election is a fraud. He says, it's all because voters were given the wrong information on where to cast a ballot.

Residents were told to vote either at the fire station or at the corner of Mark Sheffel and Constitution. But, when they showed up, there was no polling place in sight. Instead, it was moved a mile down the road into a neighborhood. "We originally got a trailer, an RV, set up on the corner, but we were offered a model home, and it’s a better venue to retreat," election official Alex Donnell said.

But Commissioner Bruce said election officials didn't tell voters where the new polling place would be. "This is the place to vote, and there’s nothing here, not even a sign," Bruce said.

Donnell said, there should've been a sign left at the original site re-directing voters. "It's my fault, but we followed the statute to the letter and to the intent."

They did change the venue in a timely manner in line with state law. But, that isn't good enough for Bruce. He said a low voter turnout will help the fire district get the tax increases passed and that polling place confusion helps create that low turnout. "They’re trying to hold secret election with phony, non-existent polling places."

During the November election in 2004, when there was high voter turnout, the fire district asked for a similar tax increase, but voters turned it down.