Job Program Hopes for More Funding

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A local job program escapes a cut in funding for now. The Military Spouses Program helps military husbands or wives to find jobs or upgrade their skill set to get a job when they move to the Pikes Peak Region from other military installations.

Similar programs in other parts of the country have recently lost their Federal funding as of next month, according to the Military Spouses Program Manager. The local program is guaranteed funding until June of 2007, according to Manager Vydia Torres.

Torres started the program, after she moved here with her husband, because of his job.

“We came here, and I was a military spouse, and I didn't know the labor market, I really had no support or no network," said Torres.

The program helps husbands or wives find a job, upgrade their skills or learn about the local job market. The programs focus people in fields that are in high demand like education, homeland or health care.

"They had a job before coming here, and due to their spouses' permanent charge of state, they come to Colorado Springs and don't have a job," said Torres.

But it is a costly program. Torres says the program got a $2.5 million grant for two years. She says similar programs in other states like Kentucky have lost their Department of Labor funding.

She's hopeful the thousands of new soldier expected at Fort Carson in the next two years will help secure more funds for the program.

"There will be a need, there will be a demand for this type of services, and hopefully there will be the funding for it too," said Torres.

For more information about the program, log onto or call 719-667-3880.