Air Force Academy Investigation

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They're in response to sexual harrassment and assault allegations.

According to Congressman Joel Hefley's office, the Air Force is expected to announce the changes tomorrow. They include clustering all female cadet dorm rooms, training medical personnel to respond to sexual assaults, and providing blanket amnesty to victims and witnesses of rape. They also include removing the sign on the Terrazzo wall, which reads "Bring Me Men."

Four top ranking officials at the Academy are also expected to be reassigned. According to the Denver Post, they include Colonel Steve Eddy, Colonel Bob Eskridge and Colonel Sue Slavec. Brigadier General S. Taco Gilbert III is also expected to be removed from his post. He's currently the Commandant of Cadets.

The head of the Air Force Academy, Lieutenant General John Dallager, spoke out on the sex scandal during a Chamber of Commerce meeting in Colorado Springs Tuesday.

He says the Secretary of the Air Force and the Chief of Staff will talk about the changes coming to the Academy Wednesday.