Water Restrictions Approved

Saving Water
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Things will start out the same as they ended last year for Colorado Springs water customers. On Tuesday, City Council members approved a new water shortage ordinance.

That means, you will only be able to water twice-a-week on designated days beginning April 15.

Here is the schedule for twice-a-week watering:

  • Even numbered residences: Wednesday & Sunday
  • Odd numbered residences: Tuesday & Saturday
  • Commercial properties: Monday & Friday
  • No watering: Thursday

The new ordinance also allows Colorado Springs Utilities to modify the watering days, by adding an extra day or taking away a day, depending on the water conditions.

And there are other changes, according to Anne Seder of Colorado Springs Utilities. "An important thing to note that's changed this year with the outcome is we are not allowing for most watering of trees shrubs plants. That is something new this year, but customers can still water those things at any time with a drip irrigation system or a hand-held container."

Also in the new restrictions---a customer who is installing new landscaping must get a permit from the city.

For more information:

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