Copper Crimes

Copper Wiring Theft

There has been a dramatic increase in business burglaries here in Southern Colorado. What they're stealing however, might surprise you. Scrap metals are the new target.

The popular metal seems to be copper, and that's because the resale price has jumped to more than two dollars a pound. The increase in price has prompted criminals to get their hands on it any way they can.

They are breaking into newly built houses and ripping out the copper wiring and plumbing. The destruction to the houses is more significant than just the missing copper. The drywall and appliances usually have to be replaced as well.

Electrical business have also been a major target. Most leave a large stock pile of left over copper laying around and some business have seen nightly break ins.

Once the copper is stolen they take it to a salvage yard or recycling center where they are paid more than two dollars a pound.

Some criminals have even broken into a recycling center and then taken the stolen copper to another business across town and sold it to them.