Patients Worry About Mumps

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Many Southern Coloradans have a lot of questions for their doctors after hearing about the mumps outbreak in the Midwest.

In Colorado there have been three confirmed cases of the disease. One woman from Douglas County was diagnosed after traveling to the Midwest. The two other cases came before the outbreak.

Doctors say a flood of people are asking about the mumps and making appointments to come in for the shot since the news of the outbreak.

"It’s better than then getting sick," mother Andrea Hovenkamp explained to her four-year-old daughter.

She made the appointment after getting a letter home from her daughter’s school.

"We're here the first thing the next morning after the newsletter came out from school and she's getting her five-year-old shots a little early, about seven months early to hopefully prevent anything from happening," said Hovenkamp.

"Parents are concerned hearing about the epidemic spreading from the Midwest," said Dr. David Hoover.

Dr. Hoover says he’s pleased parents are asking questions about getting that MMR or Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccination. He says the first shot should come when a child is 12 to 15 months, with a second booster shot before going to kindergarten.

Dr. Hoover says many adults haven't gotten that second shot.

"It’s also particularly important that parents check themselves, in the epidemic in the Midwest, many of the individuals effected by the mumps, have been in the young adulthood range, who may have missed getting that second booster," said Dr. Hoover.

Dr. Hoover says people born before 1957 don't need to worry about getting the shot. He says that’s because they're probably already immune to mumps.