Colorado Springs Police Accidentally Destroy Evidence

The Colorado Springs Police Department has reportedly destroyed evidence in active, closed and cold cases, according to a memo sent by the District Attorney's Office to area defense attorneys.

According to the memo, numerous items at the CSPD evidence facilty were destoyed against CSPD policy.

The District Attorney's office says it doesn't yet know the extent of the evidence destroyed.

Colorado Springs Police officials have called a news conference for Friday afternoon.

Here is the full text of the memo sent to area defense attorney's:

"Please be advised that the Office of the District Attorney has been informed by the Colorado Springs Police Department (“CSPD”) that, due to human error at the CSPD evidence facility, numerous items of evidence held in closed, unsolved, and even some active cases were destroyed against CSPD policy and without authorization by or knowledge of the Office of the District Attorney. At this time, we do not know the extent of these errors and we have not been provided a full audit of the cases affected. If your case originated with the CSPD (and NOT the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office or other regional agencies), there may or may not be a problem with the physical evidence being held in your case. The CSPD is working diligently to identify with particularity those cases which have been affected. We have not received any information that causes us concern about the chain of custody or the integrity of the evidence itself. If the Office of the District Attorney becomes aware through CSPD that your case has been specifically affected by these errors, we will attempt to further notify you or your attorney by separate written communication.