Future of FREX Uncertain

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In the midst of escalating gas prices, the future of one popular transportation alternative is up in the air. According to Colorado Springs Transportation officials, The Front Range Express, or FREX, is set to to stop its service from Fountain to Denver unless its able to gain 1 million dollars to operate. Without it, transit officials say they'll have to pull service after December when grant money they've used to operate so far will run out. On top of that, they say all 15 FREX buses need to be replaced at half-a- million dollars a pop. Officials say they hope that money will come from the state.
"We hope we're lucky enough to get the Senate Bill 1 dollars," said Corinne Donahue of Colorado Springs City Transit Services. "Those would help purchase the new vehicles for FREX service."
Passengers including Rhonda Greiser say it would be funding well spent.
"Look at the ridership, especially going up to Denver," said Greiser. "Those buses are packed and in some cases it's standing room only."
And it's growing. Last year FREX sold an average of 400 one-way tickets a day. Now it's 600. And at $6.00 for a one-way ticket, passengers say they'd open their wallets a little wider to keep service going. Now the future of FREX is riding on the whether or not its entities are willing to do the same.