Baby Chicks At Doherty High School

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Flocks of baby chicks and a goose are showing up at Doherty High School after brought them to school. They were buying them from a local feed store down the street.

Since Monday, at least 30 baby chicks were found in lockers or they were being carried around school. "I got a call from my son's school. They said he purchased goose, a baby goose," Jennifer, a parent said. Her son was among the dozens of students bringing baby animals to school. Jennifer says, during lunchtime, the kids would walk to Colorado Agri-Feed. "Colorado Agri-Feed needs to be more responsible, and not sell animals to children."

The owner, Vern Bixler, says he did think it was strange when about 50 students showed up at his business on Monday, asking for baby chicks. "I can't refuse to sell them, I have 4H kids and other kids buy all the time from us," Bixler said. He said the kids wanted baby birds for an extra credit project. "Everyone who took a chick, we put it in box, gave them free feed and instructions on how to take care of them." The store is now sold-out of chicks.

When the feathered friends started showing up at Doherty, administrators became worried. "We were concerned because of it could be a health hazard and disruption to the class. Also, we were concerned about safety of little animals," D11 Spokesperson Elaine Naleski said.

The baby chicks were sent home with students. A handful is now at the humane society and they already have interested adoptees. School officials said it was just kids being kids who wanted to have a cute, little pet. The district, like Jennifer, hopes the kids realize these adorable animals are not toys.

None of the kids got in trouble at school.