Train Sparks Fire

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A wildfire sparks in southern Colorado Springs when a train passed through using its breaks. It happened just before noon, just east of the intersection of Royer and Las Vegas Street.

Fire fighters say the train was heading south on the train tracks, and braking which produced sparks.

"As they apply their brakes coming down this hill some sparks come off. It looks like we had anywhere from a half a doze to a dozen small grass fires that sparked along this area," said Lt. Carl Lyman of the Colorado Springs Fire Department.

It’s a hazard the Fire Department and the railroad are both well aware of according to Lt. Lyman.

"They have policies about braking early as they're coming into this area, starting out even north of the Air Force Academy to get their vehicles slowed down, so they don't have to apply brakes as they come through," said Lt. Lyman.

Fire fighters don't know what happened this morning to make the train need to brake. Lt. Lyman says the fires burned mostly railroad land, but charred some private and city property.

Lt. Carl Lyman says the dry and windy conditions helped push the flames up the hill quickly.

"We just have very, very dry conditions out and it gets drier and drier by the minute," said Lt. Lyman.

The smoke could be seen all over town this Thursday afternoon, when the fire burned a pile of debris. The fire was 100 percent contained by about 1 p.m. Thursday.