Exxon Mobil-Earnings

With Americans smarting from the high cost of gasoline, attention will be drawn to oil company profits when industry giant Exxon Mobil reports quarterly results today.

Yesterday, Conoco-Phillips, the nation's third-largest oil and gas producer, said its profits rose 13 percent to nearly 3.3 billion dollars.

Chevron Corporation is due to report tomorrow.

The three together are expected to report earnings of more than 16 billion dollars in the first-quarter.

Exxon Mobil, the world's largest publicly traded oil company earned a record of more than 36 billion dollars last year, and nearly eleven billion dollars for the fourth quarter alone.

A flap erupted earlier this month upon word of a nearly 70 million dollar compensation package and 98 million dollar pension payout given Exxon Mobil's former CEO Lee Raymond.