Open Garage Doors Are An Open Invitation For Robbers

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A theft ring in Colorado Springs and you could be the next target on their list. Police say thieves are walking into garages that are left open all over town and taking what they can, including the car.

Police say they've arrested at least one person linked to the ring, but they believe they are still more suspects out there. Police say since February, they've had a rash of car thefts, stolen right from the garage, but that's not all the robbers are making out with. "This rash is part of a larger scheme. They’re taking checkbooks, credit cards and i.d.’s," Detective Patrick Mahoney with the Colorado Springs Police said.

Police say garages are an easy target. All it takes is just a few minutes when you're not watching, and the robbers sneak away with your valuables.

Police want to remind you: always keep your garage door closed even when you're at home. Also lock the door in your garage that leads inside your home. They say thieves have also been entering houses and taking purses and the keys to your car.