Police: Solicitors Use "New Life" Name For Scam

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Police say they have arrested four people after they were caught soliciting money in the streets and claiming to be conducting a fundraiser for New Life Church.

Police say they were called to the intersection of Airport and Academy on Wednesday. They say four people- Charles Franklin, 48, Edwin Brown, 30, William Brown, 26 and Kisha Brown, 29, were standing in the road and holding buckets labeled “New Life Church, Help Feed the Homeless Children.”

When questioned, the suspects admitted that they were not associated in any way with New Life Church of Colorado Springs. Officers found that these suspects have been involved in solicitation in Colorado Springs for at least a year and one of them is also wanted in New Mexico for solicitation.

Police say just the day before, this same group was warned about soliciting at the intersection of 8th and Cimarron Street.

The four are being summoned for Soliciting on or near Streets or Highways. The money they collected is being held as evidence.