Arson and Burglary at a Local Church

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A local church leader calls three attacks in the last month on his place of worship anti-Christian. The third happened overnight when police say someone broke into St. Francis Episcopal Church, stealing a computer, a bass guitar and other smaller items.
Earlier this month, a fire left damage on the exterior of the church. The Colorado Springs Fire Department confirms on April 11, someone set three separate fires around the church. The fires are listed as arson, and the Fire Department is investigating.

"It’s scary, there are people out there that have something against the church, and we happen to be the church they picked to exercise their anger toward," said Father Martin Pearsall.

Overnight, not only did someone steel from the church, but the person or group also damaged some religious items. Father Pearsall calls their actions evil.

"There is no need for them to have taken the children's processional cross and thrown it over the cliff or to take a family heirloom bible and try to set it on fire," said Father Pearsall.

The bible belonged to Father Pearsall’s grandfather. It is now severely burned in areas.

Authorities have been called to the church three times in the last month. The first was because a rock was thrown through a window. Then authorities responded again for the fire. A third call came this morning when Father Pearsall discovered someone had broken in overnight.

Father Pearsall says the damage is in the tens of thousands, with the landscaping charred, shattered windows because of the heat from the fire and the rock, plus the objects stolen. But he says the congregation is still positive and working together towards fixing all the damage.

"Good will come of this, God always wins out. Good overcomes evil," said Father Pearsall.

The Colorado Springs Police Department is still investigating the burglary and rock through the window.

The Fire Department is still investigating the arson.

If you have any information about the burglary, call Crime Stoppers at 634-stop in Colorado Springs or 542-stop in Pueblo.