Opinions of Iraqi Invasion Differ

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Everyone has an opinion on Operation Iraqi Freedom. Watching waves of B2s and stealth bombers attack Baghdad only seemed to strengthen them.

KKTV 11 went to the downtown Colorado Springs YMCA on Friday afternoon to find out what people are saying about the Iraqi invasion:

"It's extraordinary. I don't know how else to explain it."
"I support Bush. Saddam is horrible and we have to help the people."
"It's going to save a lot of lives surgically going in."
"I hope the Iraqi people appreciate what we're doing to help liberate them."
"We should be over there. Something needs to be done and it's weak of the U.N. to back off those rules."

However, not everyone supports America's efforts in Iraq, or the way it's being portrayed on TV.

"These poor Iraqi people are being blow to bits for little Bush and his idiotic policies."
"My husband fought in Vietnam- the coverage did more harm than good, but I watch to know what's going on."

Some people have compared this early air strike to some of the more famous bombing campaigns of World War II. But U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says there's no comparison. He says the difference is the degree of precision of today's weapons. They can be aimed at military targets, while avoiding civilians.