Pueblo Immigration Center

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An immigration center in Pueblo is working to help anyone newly in the country regardless if they’re legally here or not. The Center for Immigrant and Community Integration opened last August.

The center is funded by a grant. So far, in the months the center has been open its helped at least 500 people according to the executive director.

Marisol Bolanos works at the center. She knows what it is like to go through the process of becoming an American Citizen.

"I've been through that system, residency, citizenship," said Bolanos.

She's now helping others with legal problems. There are many resources for immigrants at the center. For example, something simple like where to get a license. Then more complicated information, like legal questions or problems with payments from employers.

"What we're trying to do is raise that quality of life, that it’s just not surviving, its thriving," said Executive Director Jayne Mazur.

She says the center doesn't care about a person's status here and pledges confidentiality.

"We don't really know if people are documented or undocumented. We don't ask," said Mazur.

The center’s staff realizes some critics condemned their work, because they are fed up with illegal immigrants. But Bolanos thinks they're doing the right thing. She says everyone should have a safe place to turn to for help.

"Everyone deserves an opportunity," said Bolanos.

For more information about the center call 719-544-4233.