D-60 Emergency Preparations

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District 60 school leaders have been working on an emergency crisis plan that everyone would follow immediately. Schools everywhere have always practiced fire and tornado drills. But now, in principals and teachers are also preparing for possible terrorist attacks.

At Heaton Middle School, students are practicing what they would do in the event of a dirty bomb or chemical attack. They have devised a plan to get all the students to the gym, while the window, doors and vents would be sealed with plastic and duct tape. No one would be allowed to enter or leave, including parents.

The school is also keeping emergency kits with flashlights and radios on hand for communication. There should be enough in the kits to last at least two days.

The crisis plan has also been coordinated with police and the sheriff's department as well as the Red Cross.

Officials say they don't have any reason to believe that something would happen in Pueblo, but they want to be ready.

The district will soon be sending out a letter to parents, with details of the emergency plans.