Anti-Semitic Fliers at UCCS

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Someone anonymously posted anti-Semitic fliers at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Friday. Administrators, faculty, and students took them down almost as soon as they appeared.

In an e-mail to the entire campus, Chancellor Pam Shockley-Zalabak said, "As a campus community, we must encourage dialog among members in a way that promotes reflection and thoughtful exchange, not personal attacks on individuals or beliefs. If our campus community is to prosper, it cannot tolerate these types of anonymous attacks... If I am to find good in the actions of last Friday, it is that many members of our campus community felt empowered to remove these fliers and were as outraged as I at both the message and methods of hate. "

11 News found few students who saw the fliers while they were posted. One student who did, helped to take them down. Patrick Wright said, "They're disgusting. Completely pointless. Dumb."

University policy requires all fliers to be authorized before posted, complete with contact information. UCCS Spokesperson Tom Hutton said, "Had they gone through the proper approvals, we would have had a name. We could issue an invitation saying, hey, let's talk about this, rather than sneaking on Friday afternoon and throw things up on bulletin boards and in mailboxes."

Students say the fliers mention Anne Frank's diary was a story made up by her father, and compare the Dresden bombings to the Jewish Holocaust, among other anti-Semitic messages.