TiVo Patent

Englewood, Colorado-based EchoStar Communications says it believes the jury's ruling in favor of TiVo in a patent-infringement lawsuit will be overturned.

The Texas jury award TiVo nearly 74 million dollars in damages yesterday from EchoStar, which operates satellite TV provider Dish Network.

TiVo lawyers had asked the jury for 87 million dollars in the dispute over technology that allows consumers to pause and rewind live television.

EchoStar called TiVo's patent on the technology overly broad and says it believes yesterday's ruling will be reversed either through post-trial motions or on appeal.

Wall Street analysts have said a win would give TiVo power to negotiate licensing agreements with cable operators who use boxes similar to TiVo's.

TiVo co-founder James M.-Barton says the company is "just trying to build products that people use and enjoy, and this gives us more runway."