Vultures Spotted

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We're starting to see signs of spring and something that's not typically associated with this season…vultures. The birds have been hanging on the 2600 block of Beacon Street near Fillmore and Nevada Ave.

While it's not rare to see the birds in Colorado, this is when we start to see them. They're starting to migrate from Mexico or from the southern part of the U.S. They'll either stay here or continue north.

Bird watcher Pat Murr was amazed to spot about a dozen of these bald-headed vultures right down the street from her home. "They look so powerful, like this is my territory. They made the tree look small compared to them."

Early Thursday morning, these scavenger birds seem to be hovering over the neighborhood. In fact, it looks like they've already spotted their next meal. But, the Division of Wildlife says they are probably still looking and smelling for a dead carcass. "That connotation of death, the stigma we have about death…that’s why people think or feel different about these birds, but vultures are not dangerous," Michael Seraphin with the DOW said. These birds almost always feed on dead animal carcasses, so the DOW said it's safe to let your dog out in the backyard.

You can usually see vultures in Garden of the Gods or along Highway 115.