Citizen Soldier Connection Supports Military Families

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Fort Carson’s Commanding General is calling on the community to help soldiers get connected to other families in Southern Colorado. Citizen Soldier Connection is a non-profit that hooks up soldiers and their families to other families in the area.

Families living in Southern Colorado can sign up and get matched up with a soldier. The non-profit group organizing this program hopes people living in the Pikes Peak region can get behind a soldier in this very personal way.

Some soldiers are already signed up. First Lieutenant Ryan Main has a wife and young daughter. This coming up weekend the Mains will meet their volunteer family. He's excited to have more local support for his family, especially if he deploys for a long period of time.

"Its another person they can call, especially in the local community," said 1LT Ryan Main.

"What we're hoping is, the community and this is a wonderful community- best I've ever been associated with- has an opportunity to put its arms around these men and women and their families, and provide the support base that I think is so important to our young service members," said MG Robert Mixon.

The program is modeled after the Service Academies' Sponsor Program, where cadets and local families are connected.

"We're hoping it provides an extended family," said MG Mixon.

Don Addy of Citizen Soldier Connection says it’s a good way for the community to show soldiers their support.

"As citizens there isn't much we can do in the war, but this is one thing we can do is help our soldiers," said Addy.

"If we do deploy, in the future they have almost a small family in this community oppose to my family in Nebraska," said 1LT Main.

MG Mixon says, this support will let soldiers focus on the mission, and worry less about their families at home, while deployed.

There are about 35 soldier signed up now for the program and Citizen Soldier Connection is hoping for more to get involved.

If you want to volunteer, log onto and fill out the application.