School Honors Fallen Officer

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As the two month anniversary of Detective Jared Jensen's death approaches, one school honors him and other police officers. Students at Divine Redeemer Catholic School wrote letters to the Colorado Springs police department thanking them for their services.

The letters are moving… “I believe he's in Heaven with God." Another said, “Thank you for putting your lives on the line for our lives.”

It's hard to imagine the adorable, innocent little kids could comprehend that life is precious. But somehow, through this tragedy, they grown an understanding that the greatest sacrifice is laying down one’s life for another.

Wesley Flood, a 4th grader said, "I think they're important because they save lives everyday." Her friend, Kaytee Hardesty agrees. "Mr. Jensen in better place now, he died serving country, not everyone would do that."

The letters and prayer service were an idea started by the kindergarten teacher, Tina Matiatos, whose husband is a cop. “We're all a big family in the Springs Police Department." The students say that police officers are guardian angels here on earth.

Katie Winfrey, an 8th grader said, “I adore them, they are the best people in this world." The school gave the letters to Detective Jensen's brother, Jeff and the detective's partners along with a statue of Saint Michael, the patron saint of police officers…in memory of one officer, who continues to touch lives.

The school said they didn't intentionally plan this prayer service to fall during Holy Week, but they believe it was a good time to celebrate Detective Jensen’s life.