Schools on Lockdown

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Four Colorado Springs School District 11 schools were on lockdown for about an hour Wednesday afternoon, while Colorado Springs Police searched for three teenagers accused of burglarizing a home and taking weapons.

Police learned, the teens did not take any weapons from the home on Mears Drive. Two 16-year-olds and a 14-year-old face First Degree Burglary charges.

During lockdowns, Elaine Naleski, spokesperson for D-11 reminds parents, "The children are safer in the building than they are out of the building."

A lockdown typically means, the outside school doors are locked. No one leaves. No one enters. Some situations do allow parents to pick their children up from school. Lockdowns can happen for a number of reasons, including police activity and weather.

Most school districts inform parents to lockdown situations by radio, television, phone, and e-mail alerts.