Severe Weather Satellite-CO

Scientists at Colorado State University in Fort Collins and anxiously awaiting the launch of a new satellite they say will help give a better understanding of clouds and violent weather patterns.

"Cloudsat" is scheduled to launch next week.

CSU scientists who help build and create the satellite say it will give them pictures of how much water is in a cloud, which will provide information for the world's supply of fresh water,

Ball Aerospace, based in Boulder, Colorado, created the base that Cloudsat is attached to.

Cloudsat, once launched, will orbit Earth for at least two years and it will look through clouds measuring water.

Scientists say Cloudsat is just one of six satellites that will orbit on what scientists call the "A-Train."

The mission was supposed to launch three years ago, now scientists are focused on the launch, which is likely to happen in just nine days.

Cloudsat will be launched from California.