Iraq Deadline

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Saddam Hussein has 48 hours to get out -- or Iraq will see an invasion led by the United States.

The warning came this evening in a speech to the nation by
President Bush.

He warned that if Saddam and his sons don't leave -- the U-S and
allies will wage war. He wouldn't say when that would happen --
saying only that it would be ''at a time of our choosing.''

And he had a message for the people of Iraq -- telling them,
"The day of your liberation is near.''

Bush said the U-N Security Council hasn't lived up to its
responsibilities -- so ''we will rise to ours.''

He said there's a ''broad coalition'' ready to enforce what he
called the ''just demands'' of the world.

Bush said no one can believe that Iraq has disarmed. And he said
it won't disarm -- as long as Saddam is in power.

His speech came hours after the U-S, Britain and Spain abandoned
efforts to get the U-N Security Council to approve a new resolution
setting a final ultimatum for Saddam.