Iraqi Freedom Day: 3 Years Later

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It is a historic day for Iraqi citizens and US armed forces, as they celebrate the third anniversary of Iraqi Freedom Day. It's been 3 years since Saddam Hussein's likeness and regime both tumbled to the ground. Amidst cheers from freedom-hungry civilians stood another group, the coalition responsible for the celebration. Among them, Major Matthew Anderson of Colorado Springs who remembers feeling a strong emotion of his own that day-- pride. Major Anderson is with the Space and Missile Defense Command based at Peterson Air Force Base and says he feels privileged to have served during the past 3 years in Iraq. He says changes he's witnessed in the once oppressed nation are staggering, particularly in Iraq's infrastructure.
"When we came into Iraq, there was 20 years worth of neglect on the infrastructure," said Anderson. "The water, the sewage, the electric, the oil... all of those things have made great strides."
Anderson says even children going to school every day is something of a spectacle in Iraq. In spite of the progress, Anderson says there is still much to be accomplished in Iraq, not the least of which, forming a government committed to democracy, and securing Iraqi forces committed to protecting its citizens; goals Anderson says he's optimistic will come to fruition soon.
"I think it'll happen and I think it'll happen this year."