Immigration Rally

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Southern Coloradoans are speaking out about the Immigration Reform. A few hundred people poured into the Mineral Palace Park Saturday afternoon in Pueblo. Those who attended the rally say they want illegal immigrants already working in the U.S. to become legal.

They wave the american flag and they carry signs. One translates into “a journey of hope”. The people here say what they want is simple…people just like Rocio Ventura. “Quiero justicia para todos”, Ventura said she wants justice for everyone; she came to the U.S. for a better life.

Currently, there are about 11 million illegal immigrants living in the U.S. The people at the rally say the immigration rules already in place just don’t work. "We are against the idea of building a wall and sending everyone home. It’s not humane, we want people to come out of the shadows and let people integrate into society," Amber Tafoya, an immigration attorney said.

Most of the people at the rally have a dream just like Ventura’s. She says she wants to be an American citizen one day.

Monday has been declared a national rally day for immigrant rights. There will be events going on nationwide. Two weeks ago in denver, more than 50,000 people protested in Civic Center Park.